Long ago, I learned to recognise birds by collecting coloured pictures which were given away with various groceries. There were a couple of new ones every week, and so I effortlessly and quickly got to know a lot of birds. I used this experience as the basis for the various courses I have developed since then. What is more, my many years of work in the field enable me to give you insights which you will not find in books on birds, but which will come in very handy when you are watching birds in the field yourself.

When you subscribe, a new lesson, covering several new sorts of birds, will be sent to you by e-mail every week. The birds will be described in detail, paying attention to their specific markings and other physical characteristics so that you can recognise them in the field. Other subjects include: the difference between male and female specimens, between young and older ones, habitat, bird songs and other calls. You can click on to larger images on the site and play or download the calls. Each lesson contains a worksheet so that you can test yourself, either before or after you have studied material. The answers will be given in the following lesson. The last lesson in each series will be accompanied by a longer multiple-choice test covering all the birds dealt with in the preceding weeks. In this way you can evaluate the course yourself and see what you have retained. If you feel that you have missed something, you can always go back to a previous lesson and go through it again.

You will get to know the various birds in practice by paying close attention to them when you see them in the garden or when you go for a walk. Each lesson deals with birds that you can easily see and hear outside during the week in which it is issued. The contents of the lessons are carefully matched to what is going on outside at that time. You'll quickly discover how surprising nature can be and will see and hear birds whose very existence was unaware to you before!

Each module consists of 12 lessons and weekly newssheets. Your subscription also enables you to put questions to our experts and receive answers in the FAQ section of the newsletter. Each module costs 30 Euros. We can keep the cost so low because we only work via e-mail and Internet, thus avoiding expenses such as postage, bank clearance charges and unnecessary overheads. Request the free trial lesson and subscription information right away! You won't be disappointed.