Rob Hume, editor of the RSPB's "Birds" magazine and the author of the recently published guide to the Birds of Britain and Europe, a perfect guidebook, says: "I've known Nico for many years and we have co-operated in some exciting ornithological projects. Nico has made many thousands of people enthusiastic about bird watching in his home country of the Netherlands, through his radio and television programmes. I am sure that his internet course on bird watching is an excellent medium for beginners to learn to appreciate, and enjoy, the birds they see all around them. I thoroughly recommend "Birds Around the House" to everyone".

Ralph Todd, an enthusiastic bird watcher who has led many parties of fellow devotees all over the world, comments: "Nico has helped organise quite a number of trips to the Netherlands for us. I'm always impressed by his enthusiasm for his subject, but even more by his expertise and by the way he shows his guests around. I have been consulted on the content of the courses and have helped adapt them to British circumstances. They are an ideal way to get to know the birds around you and, when you go out, to see and recognise many more than you thought were there".

Christine Duddlestone is a nurse, and has been interested in birds for many years says: "I have recently been out watching birds with Nico and I've learnt a lot. Then I subscribed to his course and was immediately sold. I'd been looking for something like this for years. I work irregular hours but now I can pursue my hobby at times that suit me".

David Williams, an accountant, only recently become interested in wild birds. His girl friend encouraged him to take more interest in nature and suggested he took up a course in bird recognition. "A new world opened up, I never realised that there were so many sorts of birds which I could readily recognise, if I gave my mind to it. Once I have finished the course, I intend to go on a field trip. Then I can put my theoretical knowledge into practice. She'll come with me, of course".